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How Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information?



How Prepared Is The Third Sector To Secure Their Information?

The following survey was carried out by IS Know How's CEO & Founder, Robert Stones - BSc (Hons) Information Security, as part of his aforenamed batchelors degree in 2015. Just to get to this point, of completing the survey was an incredibly tough task; as believe it or not when he approached England & Wales' Charities Commission in early 2015 and at the beginning of his project, he was faced with "Sorry, we don't get involved with academic research"... so that was that.

However, this emboldened him much further and instantly gave him all the reserach outcome he needed in one fail swoop, that his dissertation titled "How Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information", was indeed in full need of further research, knowledge sharing and ultimately a provider of Managed Cyber Security Services, tailored and incredibly keenly priced just for this sector alone.

During his further academic research, it was unsurprisingly found that when you put Charities, Social Enterprises or Third Sector and Cyber Security together,there was and still is very little bespoke and understanding support out there. IS Know How will change this, without a shadow of a doubt and for the right and moral reasons.

We will be developing the 2017 Survey, for seeking a much higher number of respondee's in Autumn 2017 and so collectively, we can all garner much helpful and constructive input or information, on an annual basis.

ISKH Third Sector Cyber Security Survey 2015 Infographic

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