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Who Is The Information Commissioners Office? (ICO)



Who Are The ICO?

The Information Commissioners Office are:

“The UK’s independent authority set up to uphold information rights in the public interest, promoting openness by public bodies and data privacy for individuals.”

Source: Information Commissioners Office (2016) (External Link)

What Do They Do?

Their Work is as Follows;

1 - Register of Data Controllers:

The ICO's 'Register of Data Controllers' includes details of Organisations that Process Personal Data.

2 - Handling Concerns:

Each year they state that they "Receive tens of thousands of enquiries, written concerns and complaints. Read about how we deal with them."

3 - Taking Action - Data Protection: (DPA)

They "Take Action to improve behaviours of those that process personal information."

4 - Taking Action - Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations: (PECR)

These are "Actions we can take to improve behaviours of those that send electronic marketing, use cookies or provide public electronic communication services."

5 - Taking Action - Freedom of Information and Environmental Information:

They also take Action, where "We can take to improve compliance with freedom of information, environmental information, INSPIRE and re-use laws."

6 - International Duties:

Last but by no means least, "The ICO has an international role, including working with organisations in Europe and elsewhere."

What Next?

Please now go to the following IS Know How What Is The Data Protection Act? page and read through the ICO's information that we've collated for this and your benefit.

Charitable & Voluntary Data Security Incident Trends

You may also be interested to read the statistics that IS Know How have extrapolated from the ICO's Quarterly based Data Security Incident Trends and specifically for 'Charitable & Voluntary' that they provide for "Data security incidents (breaches of the seventh data protection principle and personal data breaches reported under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)"


ISKH is in no way affiliated with, or working on behalf of the Information Commissioners Office. ISKH is quite simply putting forward the importance of compliance to our target audience(s). Also to support the ICO's drive to show that Data Protection Act compliance, has a positive impact on a business or organisations Cyber / Data Security Positioning. Any externally linked ICO content in the ISKH website, including PDF documents or video media, is offered for information purposes only, as is.

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