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IS Know How Pre-Registration Steps


Registration Notification:

You Must Be A UK Third Sector Regulated & Legally Registered Organisation:

IS Know How believe and are proud to be the first UK bespoke provider of 24x7x365 Managed Cyber Resilience Services and Associated Services, to the UK's Third Sector Organisations.

Due to the efforts that we constantly strive to achieve for our clients and in affording the sector, with the very 'Best of Breed' Cyber Mitigation Services at a hugely cost effective price than you will find elsewhere; we are sure that you appreciate the strict registration controls that we therefore have in place, to be able to offer you Charity Cyber Security.

You MUST BE one of the following organisation structures;

1 | Registered Charity in England & Wales
2 | Registered Charity in Scotland
3 | Registered Charity in Northern Ireland
4 | Community Interest Company (CIC)
5 | Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)
6 | Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO)
7 | Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee
8 | Charitable Trust
9 | Charitable Unincorporated Association

Upon receipt of your request submission, we will take your ISKH Account Pre-Registration data and cross reference this, with the relevant official regulatory bodies for your legal type of organisation.

As soon as we have carried out the verification checks, which is normally within 2 working days from your original submission, if everything checks out as stated in your original application; then your FREE IS Know How Account will be activated and the nominated registrant will be notified by email of this action, including any further signposting of how to begin getting the most from your account.

If you proceed with the rest of this subsequent registration process by selecting the 'Next' button, you are hereby acknowledging acceptance of the above pre-registration requirement and you will be registered to access the various Third Sector Cyber Security services and guidance that we have to offer.

Organisation Details:

Do make use of the tooltips, that often contain further explanation around specific field requirements - they are there to help you have as smooth pre-registration submission and sign-up experience as possible.


If you believe that your organisation is Third Sector Classified and isn't listed in the above choices, please contact ISKH directly via the 'Contact Us' page.

Please format as follows e.g. 212 2147 57 including the spaces
Address Details:
Registrant Details:
Please use a valid mail address
Email do not match

For your ISKH Accounts Security, your password choices have to be maintained to a specific strong standard, to help keep your ISKH account and the ISKH website as secure as we can. Therefore ISKH enforces the following;

Prevent Name Use - Please DO NOT select a users Name or Username within the password.

Prevent Email Use - Please DO NOT select a users Email Address within the password.

Password Length - The minimum number of characters your password has to contain is 12.

Min. One Number - Your password has to contain at least 1 Number.

Min. One Uppercase Letter - Your password has to contain at least 1 Uppercase Letter.

Min. One Lowercase Letter - Your password has to contain at least 1 Lowercase Letter.

Min. One Special Character - Your password has to contain at least 1 Special Character i.e. #,@,%,! etc.

Max. No of Consecutive Characters - The maximum number of identical consecutive characters in the password i.e. paSSword etc.is 2 (TWO)

You can either choose your own password in-line with the above pre-requisites and enter it below, or you can select the below 'Password Generator' options and it will generate one for you.


If you chose not to select your own password further below, please utilise this Password Generator. Simply copy and paste the generated password into the two password fields below, 'Password' & 'Confirm Password' making sure to save it in your Password Manager for e.g. if you use one.

Choose Password Length:

Bad Password
Passwords do not match
Current Cyber Infrastructure:

Which of the below ISKH Services or Products that you believe your Organisation could really benefit from?

ISKH Only Contact Preferences:

If you subscribe to any of our fee based Managed or Associated Services that is dealt with in the next tab titled '3rd Party Contact Preferences:'  therefore this section is specifically dealing with ISKH's own direct contact with you in relation to our other service(s) that require it, to be able to deliver the knowledge sharing, information,guidance and other non fee based services that you are pre-registering for access to and that are not outlined in the '3rd Party Contact Preferences:'  tab.

The contact from ISKH will never be unsolicited and you can change these options at anytime in the future, once you have registered your account - from within your 'Edit Profile' section.


ISKH currently delivers the following: The Combing of various Cyber & Data related external resources, that we extrapolate and put forward for your knowledge within the 'Your IS Know How' area of the website.

This is in addition to the 'Responsible for Information for SME's E-Learning'  course, our great Members only 'Community Sentinel Collaboration Platform',  and our 'Data Breaches are a State of Mind'  Blog. Not forgetting of course our various Social Media Accounts, which you may choose to follow us on and further engage with us.


At all and any time that your ISKH account is live, you will be able to Update your Newsletter Subscription preference(s) including selecting to Un-Subscribe from the footer area of all newsletters, or directly from within your profile or finally via the 'ISKH Newsletter' module at the bottom of all website pages.


ISKH may contact you about our Service(s) / Product(s) offers, promotions, polls or surveys - Please select your wish to engage with ISKH in this manner.

3rd Party Contact Preferences:

ISKH proudly partners with a small number of hand selected suppliers, of various Managed Cyber Security & Associated Services that combine to bring you the IS Know How Third Sector End-to-End Cyber & Data Security Platform. We transparently list them in this section, allowing you to always know when we add further new partners in the future and make the consent stipulations per partner.


If you subscribe to any of our fee based 3rd Party Preferred Partners services, they will likely need to contact you directly in relation to those service(s) that you are choosing requires it, and to be able to ultimately deliver the service(s) or product(s) that you are paying for.

The contact from ISKH's below listed Chosen 3rd Party Preferred Partners, will never be unsolicited and you can change these options at anytime in the future, once you have registered your account - from within your 'Edit Profile' section.


Thoughthive Security Solutions currently deliver the following: Sentinel5, Threat Mitigation, WebSentinel and Managed Cyber Resilience Services (MCRS) on behalf of ISKH.


IT Governance currently deliver the following: EU GDPR and Cyber Essentials Scheme on behalf of ISKH.


KeepItSafe currently deliver the following: 'Cloud Backup & Recovery Sentinel' on behalf of ISKH.


Bobs Business currently deliver the following: 'Fee Based End-User Cyber Security Awareness Course' and 'Fee Based End-User Cyber Security Awareness Course'  on behalf of ISKH.

Data Protection Statement & Complete Your Pre-Registration:

IS Know How (ISKH) will require the use of your submitted personal information as entered in the previous steps and to contact the ISKH Account Owner, which is additionally submitted on the behalf of the given Third Sector Organisation at point of Registration. This will be for the purposes of Customer Service, Account and Billing Administration, Provision and Delivery of Subscription Service(s) or Product(s); including the provision and delivery of ISKH's Cyber / Data Security-Related Information or Services, Client Research or Sector Analysis and any other related Cyber / Data Prevention and Mitigation service or product that ISKH provide through the ISKH website.

Therefore, if you proceed with your ISKH Account Pre-Registration submission and during the course of your use of the ISKH website, including any of its Features and Services, or in connection with any of ISKH's 3rd Party Preferred Partner Product(s) or Service(s) which have been outlined in the previous tabs; you shall also be authorising ISKH to share your personal information with the bespoke ISKH chosen best-of-breed strategic partner companies, so that they can liaise and contact you for business operational purposes and delivery of the chosen 3rd party product and service only. 

Your Personal Information WILL be properly and securely safeguarded, whereby ISKH and it's 3rd Party Preferred Partners will only make use of the very minimum of your PII that is required to be able to have the business relationship with you. Your PII will be processed and maintained in accordance with the current requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998, where Information Security Know How Ltd, trading as IS Know How is a 'Registered Data Controller' with the Information Commissioner's Office. Additionally, whilst we meet our DPA 1998 obligations as it currently stands, 'EU GDPR comes into effect May 25th 2018' where all Data Protection requirements that ISKH will be expected to comply with, in line of EU GDPR, will do so. Also ANY aspect of your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) will NOT BE SOLD to any 3rd parties and will only be shared with your submitted consent, to the parties you agree to do so.

In certain circumstances, ISKH and its relevant Cyber / Data Security Strategic Partner(s) companies may be required to also share your personal or account information with Third Sector Regulatory Bodies, Police and other law enforcement agencies for the purposes of the prevention or detection of crime against Third Sector Organisations.

Additionally, Consent must be verifiable under the EU GDPR and as such, your inputting of specific personally identifiable data throughout this Pre-Registration submission will be stored within your ISKH website profile and client record, including when such consent was given to ISKH. Please note that data subjects have a right to withdraw consent at any time and this can also be conducted very easily from within your 'Edit Profile' section, once your account and it's details are cross referenced with your organisation's Legal Type Regulatory body, activated and then allowed to log-in and begin using your account.

Therefore, by completing your selection of last few options below, your Pre-Registration process will be complete and you will have put forward the specifics around exactly which ways ISKH or that of it's 3rd Party Preferred Partners can make contact with you, if required during the course of your interaction or request for interaction with the aforementioned, and within IS Know How's 'Legal Basis' for doing so. We will at all times make sure that our clients are only ever contacted in an agreed manner and with your consent.



By clicking Register, this is the final step in your Pre-Registration process. Therefore, I am confirming that I have read and understand the steps that I have undertaken, including the linked to 'Website Terms & Conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' documents above.

I am also in agreement that if I am pre-registering for an ISKH account, on behalf of a Third Sector organisation that I represent; when I click Register, that I have the authority to bind my organisation to the terms in this agreement and that, as the representative of my organisation, I agree that my organisation is also bound by this agreement and any subsequent product / service specific agreement's, relating to future purchases from Information Security Know How LTD. or any respective agreement's required by that of it's listed 3rd Party Preferred Partners.


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