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Managed Cyber Resilience Service (MCRS)

Managed Cyber Resilience Endpoint / Server Mitigation FREE 30-Day Trial

MCRS Endpoint / Server Mitigation is a 'Fully Managed, So You Don't Have To Solution' combining the Complexity of Cyber Security, with the Simplicity of your organisations risks being Managed For You.

"Can you guarantee yourself, your board of trustee's and all of your stakeholders; that the many Threat Surfaces available to your Endpoint(s) & Server(s) devices, are truly Mitigating the many Data & Cyber Security pain points that are affecting Charities, Social Enterprises and Not-for-Profits just like yours?"

If the answer is No, then choose your most critical device, that contains the most critical data of your organisation and trial our 'Managed Cyber Resilience Service' Endpoint / Server Mitigation, FREE for 30 Days. A great way to evaluate your current risk and subsequently, reveal the true value of 'MCRS Endpoint / Server Mitigation as a Service' to your organisation.

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Don't just take our word for it... Test drive it for yourself, and receive the ‘MCRS Cloud Agent’ which is a very small 2mb installer that you will deploy, with very easy to follow steps and in just a couple of clicks it be on the chosen target device.

This will then enable the device to connect to the 'ISKH Cyber Watch Tower' Security Operation Centre (SOC) where all the mitigation magic is carried out, watching over, mitigating the device and carrying out incredibly valuable remediation when necessary to keep your device and it's data healthy.

However, we would caution against potential clients from seeing the FREE 30-Day Trial as a silver bullet, whilst it will be hugely beneficial for you to trial the software; MCRS Desktop / Server Endpoint Mitigation as a Service for Charities, Social Enterprises and Not-For-Profits will come in to it's own, the longer that it is present on the devices that you are wanting to mitigate the many risks.

Top 5 reasons why you should try ‘MCRS Fully Managed Endpoint or Server Mitigation as a Service':

  • #1 - Determine your actual Risks:

    See how the chosen device and the data contained within it, is currently positioned to mitigate against the services 5 Key areas, which are: Asset Management, Availability Monitoring, Compliance Management, Security Monitoring and Vulnerability Management. Also adding Malware & Ransomware Threat Mitigation through Unified Security Management, with Advanced Threat Control.

  • #2 - 24/7/365 Remediation:

    The real value of 'MCRS's Endpoint / Server Mitigation as a Service', is having a blended Proactive & Preventative 24/7/365 Access to our Security Operation Centre (SOC) for the device that you have chosen to place the FREE 30-Day Trial on. Remediation (meaning: "the correction of something bad or defective".) is carried out whenever the SOC and it's infrastructure deem it necessary, to either Prevent the various risks abound, or to Proactively Mitigate the particular threat(s) that have been found within device.

  • #3 - Fully Functioning:

    There are no features or benefits stripped out in our trial version, giving you the fullest picture that will Enable Informed Decision Making about your organisations current and future Endpoint / Server Data & Cyber Security. See the Full features and benefits that are also available within the trial version.

  • #4 - No Payment Details Required, No Catches and No Obligation to Buy:

    A Straightforward process to Enable your Third Sector organisation to Evaluate the Power, Features and Benefits of 'MCRS’s Endpoint or Server Mitigation as a Service' and there is absolutely no obligation to upgrade to a full monthly subscription, although we believe that you will wholeheartedly see the value of doing so.

  • #5 - Threat Analytics Report:

    Included will be your end of trial Mitigation Report that will detail exactly, the various key feature areas that were deployed on the chosen trial device and the benefits of what has been mitigated during the trial period.

Sign-up now and enable your Third Sector Organisation to visualise the true benefits of 'MCRS's Full Features' while providing your organisation with the necessary justification that 'MCRS' will Save you Valuable Time, Precious Organisation Funds without losing the ability to be able to Mitigate the many risks ahead.

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