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Managed Cyber Resilience Service (MCRS)


24/7/365 Security Operation Centre Managed & Monitored

Managed Cyber Resilience as a Service

Third Sector Fully Managed All-in-One Security Solution
ISKH's Cloud-based Managed Cyber Resilience as a Service, (MCRS) is a Best of Breed & Enterprise Level ‘Fully Managed So You Don’t Have To’ solution. It seamlessly combines our individually available ‘Sentinel5 Endpoint(s) and/or Server(s) Mitigation as a Service’ adding our ‘Threat Mitigation as a Service’.

MCRS All-in-One Security Solution Manages, Monitors & Remediates everything possible within your Third Sector Organisations Desktop(s) and Laptop(s) Endpoints and Email System. From Assets, IT Availability, Security, Vulnerabilities, Non-Compliant Systems, Malware & Ransomware Threats through Unified Security Management, with Advanced Threat Control.

If the above isn't enough, MCRS can also 'Assist' your organisation in meeting the '5 Key Controls' as laid down by the Cyber Essentials Scheme, which to have a successful application these 5 Key Controls are to be met. Once you meet these requirements, you should be able to confidently choose your preferred CE Application provider and proceed towards certification with whom you choose. Therefore, ISKH have proudly partnered with IT Governance, who can take you through the actual Cyber Essentials / Plus application scheme, to certification. Read More Here...

ISKH's Managed Cyber Resilience as a Service, employs a quick implementation that aids the removal of many of your pain points, in an incredibly affordable and seamless manner. Therefore, we afford your Third Sector Organisation 'Fully Managed' access to key Cyber & Data Security Mitigation, Insights and Threat Intelligence, via Web Dashboard Analytics reports, increasing your knowledge, awareness and defence in depth.
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Personally Identifiable Infomration IconISKH's Managed Cyber Resilience Service, does NOT store any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) during the course of it's use for your Third Sector Organisation.

The technology used by ISKH is of course required to scan the various elements of data within your infrastructure, that the given service aids mitigation points for; for traces of the many malicious traits that are known or found. Rest assured that your privacy including that of all your data, is always of huge paramount importance to us here at IS Know How.

Definition of Resilience

The quality or fact of being able to recover quickly or easily from, or resist being affected by, a misfortune, shock, illness, etc.; robustness; adaptability.
Oxford English Dictionary

Introduction to Resilience

So what are the modern expectations of resilience? In summary, they are that an organisation will have credible blended countermeasures designed to limit attacks from occurring, and that when attacks aren’t stopped, the impact on the organisation, its operations and its customers is minimised; while the organisation remains competitive and as available to conduct it's business as possible.

It is now more widely recognised that absolute cyber and data security is neither possible, nor practical and IS Know are firm believers in 'Prevention is better than Cure'. Third Sector Organisations must not allow themselves to sleepwalk any further, towards the belief that it simply won't happen to you and that you don't have any data or records of value to an attacker - this is a myth.

Given how critical or valuable your data is and that of your organisation's stakeholders, your products and services require stability where communities of people up and down the country truly feel that your organisation does it's utmost to protect their Personally Identifiable Information (PII); therefore, making them resilient to the the very many past, current and constantly emerging cyber threats, is the only realistic way to address the problem.

Don't wait for a data breach to happen and then wonder how to resolve the fallout - implement a Proactive aproach NOW and reduce a lesser successful Responsive approach, which can often be too late in it's entirety.

Why Is Cyber Resilience Important?

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Material Impacts

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Risks & Responsibilities

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Situational Awareness

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Third Sector Organisations, just as SME's are being advised, should recognise that eventually their security will be breached and they need to have plans in place to deal with these breaches and the resulting fallout; This is what Cyber Resilience is all about. These are strategies that organisations should employ, to help increase their Cyber Resilience and offer a robust level of infrastructure protection, which include:


Threat detection is vital in order for your organisation to successfully reduce your attack surface but also to be able to implement containment controls and implement contingency plans. The sooner an attack can be detected, the greater the ability will be to contain the damage and reduce the impact to your organisation, its employees and volunteers. More importantly, that of your customers and wider stakeholders, including their valuable Personally Indentifiable Information (PII) data.


Having adequate measures in place to enable your organisation to effectively correct the situation, after an incident has been detected is extremely important indeed. Well-designed and thoroughly rehearsed procedures will help to minimise the damage and mitigate the risk overall but remember, it's pretty much unstoppable in the main. The ability to recover and reduce the extent of your exposure to a risk and resulting data breach, is vital in successfully protecting your valuable data and pertinent assets.

IS Know How and it's MCRS Service, is in noway endorsed by or working with National Cyber Security Centre in anyway. What ISKH is doing, is to assist your pre Cyber Essentials Application in meeting the '5 Key Controls' that are required as part of any actual application. ISKH does not imply nor guarantee, that when it comes to submitting your CE application itself and via your chosen provider of the Certification that you are seeking; that Cyber Essentials certification is guaranteed because you have purchased our MCRS service.

ISKH 'Assists' Your Cyber Essentials Scheme Technical Requirements

The Cyber Essentials Scheme contains '5 Key Controls' that the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) state:

"As a Cyber Essentials scheme Applicant, you must ensure that your organisation meets all the requirements. You may also be required to supply various forms of evidence before your chosen Certification Body can award certification at the level you seek."

Source: Requirements for IT Infrastructure (Cyber Essentials scheme) (External Link)

If you feel that your Third Sector Organisation is ready to begin the Cyber Essentials Scheme process, beyond what ISKH's MCRS can do for your organisation in a pre-application phase; then ISKH have proudly partnered with IT Governance, who are a CREST-accredited certification body, and who have awarded hundreds of certifications, with many more companies achieving certification every day, then read more below.

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  • Secure Configuration
  • Boundary Firewalls & Internet Gateways
  • Access Control
  • Malware Protection
  • Patch Management

• ISKH's MCRS assists your organisation, by delivering you the capability to meet the '5 Key Controls' of the Cyber Essential Scheme's Technical Requirements

• Receieve a quick kick-start of a Managed Cyber Resilience Service by Deploying Small, Lightweight Endpoint Agent(s)

• Provides End-to-End Security Management Services for Endpoint Assets (Desktops, Laptops and Servers)

• Provides Blended Preventive and Proactive Mitigation with round-the-clock 24x7x365 Mitigation Services

• 24x7x365 Autonomous Cyber Security Operation Centre (SOC)

Benefits: As the NCSC state, you must meet all of the 5 technical control requirements, as outlined above before submitting an application to your chosen Cyber Essentials Certification & Accreditation body.

ISKH ultimately assists your Third Sector organisations pre-application ability, to gain the likely evidence that you may need, to be able to achieve actual Cyber Essentials certification.

ISKH's Managed Cyber Resilience Service, with a quick implementation and in a very economical manner, delivers a Continuous and full Cyber Resilience in-line with the 5 Cyber Essentials Controls and actually goes beyond.

Therefore, we afford your Third Sector Organisation's 'Managed' access to key Cyber & Data Security Mitigation, Insights and Threat Intelligence, via Web Dashboard analytics reports, increasing your knowledge, awareness and defence in depth.

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