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Introduction to ISKH's Associated Cyber Resilience Services


Network Collaboratively With Your Third Sector Peers

For those Third Sector Organisations who Register a FREE ISKH Account, you will get automatic and always FREE access, to our Community Sentinel social networking platform.

It will act as a great medium to be able to confidentially communicate with other like-minded Charities, Social Enterprises and Voluntary Organisations.

Share with one another your past experiences, approaches or indeed communicate about current and future fears; for where Cyber / Data Security & Third Sector Organisations collide.

It's Your Social Network

IS Know How’s Partnership with IT Governance can help Charities and Social Enterprises Comply with the EU GDPR.

Together our wide-ranging data protection expertise can help organisations prepare for the GDPR. We offer a comprehensive suite of information resources, solutions and consultancy services.

Head over to our GDPR Solutions zone below and see 'How we can assist Charities and Social Enterprises Comply with your EU GDPR obligations.'
Data Disaster & Recovery Service

Your Third Sector Organisation's overall Data & Information Health and Positioning, requires your appreciation and some understanding, of just how valuable that consistent Data Backup & Recovery is and that you are only as good, as your last backup.

Additionally, many may make backups of their critical data but may well not actively test said backups; this is another critical mistake that can be the most costly in the result of needing to restore a backup.

IS Know How has partnered with KeepItSafe to deliver the Cloud Data Backup & Recovery Service, which will assist your Charity, Social Enterprise or Not-for-Profit to reduce these pain points for you.

Services Coming Soon...
To Expand our End-to-End Platform

IS Know How are always busy sourcing pertinent and befitting related Information, Data & Cyber Security services or products to add to our portfolio, so we can consistently be delivering the Third Sector with the tools that you need, to mitigate the many levels and methods of attacks and breaches.

Coming just as soon as they are ready and tested for release, will be as below;


To Begin Reducing Your Risks and Securing Your Reputation!


24x7x365 Managed Security Monitoring and Mitigation For Your Organisations Endpoint & Server Devices.

Increase Your Third Sector Cyber Security Resilience & Mitigation


24x7x365 Managed DDoS Multi-Layer Threat Monitoring Service For Your Third Sector Organisations Website(s).

Increase Your Third Sector Cyber Security Resilience & Mitigation


24x7x365 Combined Best-of-Breed Managed Cyber Resilience Service (MCRS) For Your Organisations Devices.

Increase Your Third Sector Cyber Security Resilience & Mitigation

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