What is the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations? (PECR)

The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) sit alongside the Data Protection Act (DPA).

"They give people specific privacy rights in relation to electronic communications.

There are specific rules on:

  • marketing calls, emails, texts and faxes;
  • cookies (and similar technologies);
  • keeping communications services secure; and
  • customer privacy as regards traffic and location data, itemised billing, line identification, and directory listings."

Source: Information Commissioners Office (2016) (External Link)

What Kind of Aeas Do PECR Cover?

PECR covers several areas, which are as follows:

  • Marketing by electronic means, including marketing calls, texts, emails and faxes. See the Electronic and telephone marketing section of this guide for more information.
  • The use of cookies or similar technologies that track information about people accessing a website or other electronic service. See the Cookies and similar technologies section of this guide for more information.
  • Security of public electronic communications services. See the Security of services and Security breaches sections of this guide for more information.
  • Privacy of customers using communications networks or services as regards traffic and location data, itemised billing, line identification services (eg caller ID and call return), and directory listings. See the Communications networks and services section of this guide for more information.

Does PECR Apply To You?

"Some of the rules only apply to organisations that provide a public electronic communications network or service. But even if you are not a network or service provider, PECR will apply to you if you:

  • market by phone, email, text or fax;
  • use cookies or a similar technology on your website; or
  • compile a telephone directory (or a similar public directory)."

In short, IS Know How cannot possibly advise on this, as it's very much on a case by case basis - business, company or organisation wise. The best thing is for you to head over to the ICO's PECR Exemptions (External Link) page.

If in doubt, do contact the ICO directly via Telephone, Live Chat and Email (External Link), and seek their input and advice on your queries about this aspect.

Read the Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations

IS Know How firmly believe, that it would be in your interest to read the'FULL Guide to Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations' (PECR) which you can do so, by navigating to the relevant section of the ICO's website below.

What Next?

Please now go to the following IS Know How Additional Helpful ICO Guidance & Information page and read through the ICO's information that we're reiterating for this and your benefit.

Charitable & Voluntary Data Security Incident Trends

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