Our Entry-Level, Affordable and Proactive Monthly Subscription 'Fully Managed, So You Don't Have To' Cloud-based Mitigation Service, which Manages, Monitors & Remediates the many Threat Surfaces within your chosen Third Sector Organisations Desktop(s), & Laptop(s) Endpoints and Servers.

Mitigating 5 key areas: Asset Management, Availability Monitoring, Compliance Management, Security Monitoring & Vulnerability Management.


Gain the vast benefits of IS Know How's Enterprise level Data & Cyber Security Defence for your Charity, Social Enterprise or Not-for-Profits. Essential Endpoint / Server Mitigation that you need to keep your Personnel, Clients and Reputations safe with IS Know How's 'Sentinel5'.

Image Stating the Value from IS Know How

Outsource to 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre

Hassle Free Security Operation Centre (SOC) Monitored & Managed, Minus the Costs of Internal Personnel

Reduce Risks & Associated Costs

Vastly Reduce your Organisations Data Protection Risks & Associated Costs

Data & Cyber Security-as-a-Service

As-a-Service means No Upfront Investment in Software, Hardware or SOC - Priced Per Device, Per Month

Mitigate Core & Very Latest Risks or Threats

Mitigate against Attacks, Incidents and Damaging Breaches to Assist Maximising Organisation Continuity

Investigations & Fines

Reduce Downtime, Minimising Your Organisations Risks and Exposure to Regulatory Action or Fines

Protect Organisational Reputation

Increase Your Cyber Security Posture & Mitigate Very Real Reputational Risks


Includes Five Enterprise level features, dedicated to assisting your organisation with the removal of many pain points. Take a look.


If you’re unaware that malware has successfully penetrated your firewall and antivirus protection, your network may be in deep trouble. Get the lowdown on compromised machines via up-to-the-minute Traffic Monitoring.

Third-party blacklists are utilised across your network to track down any connections to IP addresses that are known or suspected to be botnets, phishing or malware sites.

You’ll be notified of specific machines that are communicating with “bad guys” so you can restore order. Allow IS Know How to help you maximise your knowledge of malware and minimise the damage.

  • Proactive Protection: Active Virus Control.
  • Proactive Protection: Two-way Firewall with Intrusion Prevention.
  • 24x7 Monitor for Compromised Systems.
  • 24x7 Track Down any Connections to IP Addresses that are Known or Suspected to be Botnets, Phishing or Malware Sites.
  • Notified of Specific Machines that are Communicating with “Bad Guys” so you Can Restore Order.
  • Help you Maximise your Knowledge of Malware and Minimise the Damage.
  • Automated Blacklist Updating.
Sentinel5 Security Monitoring Cyber Threat Watchtower Icon
Sentinel5 Security Monitoring Icon

Sentinel5 Security Monitoring Diagram

Sentinel5 Security Monitoring Diagram
Sentinel5 Vulnerability Management Service Icon


IS Know How’s Cloud-based solution, which features a single all-knowing managed service that covers all the IT bases, to keep your network running like a well-oiled machine.

With such integral features as Patch Management, Antivirus Checker, Traffic Monitoring, and Firewall Checker, IS Know How Managed Services via its Sentinel agent puts you on the path to improved security, increased user productivity, and total peace of mind.

Patch Management - Automate the entire process of monitoring and deploying patches for Windows, Office, and other applications.

Antivirus Checker - Make sure your systems' anti-virus protection is up-to-date and working properly.

Traffic Monitoring - Protect against machines talking with botnets or malware and phishing sites.

Firewall Checker - Ensure all systems have properly configured firewalls.

Notifications and Reports - Gain insight into and control of your network.

Sentinel5 Vulnerability Management Cyber Threat Watchtower Icon

Sentinel5 Vulnerability Management Diagram

Sentinel5 Vulnerability Management Diagram


The road to managing compliance is paved with good intentions. However, whilst the vast majority of people don't set out to intentionally misread unwanted software, bad passwords, phishing, and other negative influences; of course, the more users on your network, then the more difficult that road is to navigate and the more chances that you have of crash-landing in a pothole.

IS Know How's cost-effective cloud-based solution smooths out your ride, by providing the right tools to safely maintain compliance across your organisation. Additionally our detailed reports will steer you in the right direction, when it comes to User Behaviour, Unapproved Software or Theft Control. 

User Behaviour - Follow inappropriate user behaviour, fix it, and even take steps to prevent it from happening. Unapproved Software - Monitor to see if unapproved software is installed, such as file sharing applications that can drain bandwidth. Theft Control - View log-on, IP, and location as well as set-up a remote control session to assist in.

Unapproved Software - Monitor to see if unapproved software is installed, such as file sharing applications that can drain bandwidth at the very least. 

Theft Control - View log-on, IP, and location as well as set-up a remote control session to assist in recovery of stolen machines.

Notifications and Reports - Gain insight into, and control of, your network.

Sentinel5 Compliance Management Cyber Threat Watchtower Icon
Sentinel5 Compliance Management Service Icon

Sentinel5 Compliance Management Diagram

Sentinel5 Compliance Management Diagram
Sentinel5 Availability Monitoring Service Icon


You’re available to your Third Sector organisations stakeholders, when they need your unparalleled expertise. The same holds true for IS Know How's Managed Services. Our dependable Cloud-based solution, delivers best-of-breed Availability Management and Monitoring, to make certain that your network is operating problem-free around the clock.

The ever-present ISKH Managed Services keeps tabs on everything from servers, computers and printers, to email services, peripherals, and websites. This all-inclusive system, which identifies and corrects potential issues before they cause serious damage, is designed with your ultimate business continuity and uptime in mind.

Servers - Keep tabs on your server’s responsiveness and available disk space in an effort to reduce downtime.

Computers - Check all computers for overloaded processors and adapter errors to improve productivity.

Email Services - Make sure your SMTP server is available, replying, and not configured as an Open Relay.

Peripherals - Certify that your NAS devices and UPS are up and running to maintain valuable uptime.

Websites & Domains - Improve website uptime, keep domains from expiring, and track service level agreements.

Sentinel5 Availability Monitoring Cyber Threat Watchtower Icon

Sentinel5 Availability Monitoring Diagram

Sentinel5 Availability Monitoring Diagram


Old school Asset Management systems are challenging and clunky - not to mention time- and money consuming. Hardware and software inventory of servers, workstations, and laptops have to be taken on every network. So for e.g. if that network has more than 20 machines, or an array of machines in various locations, well, you do the calculations.

Leave that old school path behind and go to the head of the class with IS Know How’s Managed Services. Our cloud-based Asset Management system enables you to access vast amounts of information of the granular kind, to track every hardware set-up and software detail. And because it’s fully automated, you’ll graduate to a more efficient and cost-effective way of managing your assets.

Computers - Track network computers and standalone machines to gain access to more detailed information.

Servers - Effectively manage your servers and establish remote control server connections.

Virtual Machines - Attain an outstanding overview of everything from manufacturers to models to operating systems.

Peripherals - Automatically track all peripherals as assets and eliminate the need for physically checking switches.

Software - Save money by tracking unused licensed software and automatically update software asset management inventory.

Users - Delve deep into user usage history and save invaluable user inventory updating time.

Asset Reports - Easily pull hardware, software, and user reports to track assets and changes.

Sentinel5 Asset Management Cyber Threat Watchtower Icon

Sentinel5 Asset Management Diagram

Sentinel5 Asset Management Diagram
Sentinel5 Asset Management Service Icon


How ISKH's Managed Sentinel5 for Endpoints & Servers Works?

No installation is required for the main Sentinel5 Management System Agent, which means that you are only required to install an incredibly lightweight Sentinel5 Endpoint / Server Agent and these are Fully Managed via IS Know How's Cloud system.

Once you install the Sentinel5 Endpoint / Server Agents to your Third Sector organisation's device(s), this will enable you to immediately begin mitigating the many risks to said devices data and that of your organisation as a whole. Sentinel5 is the perfect solution for your Desktop(s), Laptop(s) and Server devices, helping you to Mitigate your Reputational Risks.

Technology vs. Process Flow

Sentinel5 Technology Versus Process Flow

How Do We Install Sentinel5 - Step #1

Sentinel_1 IS Know How - Endpoint & Server Mitigation as a Service1. Once you have Subscribed for this service, await the email notification of the Sentinel Agent Download Link.

How Do We Install Sentinel5 - Step #2

Sentinel5 - Diagram22. Once notified, Download and Install the ISKH Sentinel Agent, which you then Deploy the required Agents to Devices in your Network from ISKH Managed Services that you have subscribed to.

How Are Your Data Risks Mitigated?
IS Know How's Sentinel5 System will gather information from two vital sources – through locally installed agents on your desktop(s), laptop(s) and server devices, as well as by external testing completed via ISKH's Cloud-based system.

The installed ISKH Sentinel5 Agent is a small application (about 2 Mb) that will run silently in the background using nearly zero resources, as it collects the required data from your designated devices. Affording your Third Sector organisation or Micro-Business with incredible Best-of-Breed Mitigation.

ISKH Sentinel system will gather information about your organisation’s:
  • Hardware Type and Status
  • Software Installed and Usage
  • Network Statistics and Usage
  • Logged-in Users
*Note* At NO point, are your device files or their contents viewable from the whole ISKH Sentinel5 system or that of our personnel.

The accumulated information is immediately encrypted and sent to ISKH Cyber Watch Tower, where the agent and cloud-based system validates one another, prior to exchanging data.

ISKH’s Cloud-based system will only receive information when needed e.g. a full list of installed software, or just the differences since last posting, resulting in just a few Kb of network bandwidth that this requires to be used.

The collected statistics are then analysed by an IS Know How Cyber Watch Tower Analyst to quickly spot areas of concern, flag issues, calculate inventory status and track usage statistics. The resource-intensive data collection process is done by ISKH’s Cloud-based system without putting extra strain on your organisation’s network.

If an issue is detected, it will be rectified automatically where possible but on the rare occassion that this is not possible; an ISKH Analyst alerts you through the ISKH Security Incident ticket system, also via an email or mobile phone text message. You will then receive another status message once the issue is fixed, to allow peace of mind and all without disruption to your device(s) that Sentinel5 for Endpoint or Servers is installed on.


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Sentinel5 is our Entry-Level Endpoint & Server Mitigation as a Service delivered via Monthly Subscription that is a 'Fully Managed, So You Don't Have To' Cloud-based Mitigation service, which Manages, Monitors and Remediates everything possible within your chosen Third Sector Organisations Desktop(s), Laptop(s) Endpoints & Servers.

Starting at £8.00 per device / 1 year subscription. Add additional years to save more.

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By requesting an email copy of the above for your records, the Personally Identifiable Information (PII) of your Email Address is ONLY used by IS Know How for this specific request of a 'Sentinel5 Instant Subscription Cost Calculation', and therefore IS Know How will NOT hold any PII of yours at this point.

Subscription Cost Calculator Price(s) Exclusive of VAT. Prices may be Subject to Change. Final Pricing will be confirmed upon Subscription Plan Order Placement.

{{tab Sentinel5 for Endpoints & Servers Feature Matrix |alias=sentinel5-for-endpoints-feature-matrix|blue}}

  • From Just
    £6.75 Per Month, Per Endpoint
    or Server
  • Sentinel 5 EndPoint/Server Feature List:

  • Agent Compatibility:
  • Windows  
  • MAC OS X  
  • Linux  
  • Virtual Machines  

  • Security Monitoring:
  • Monitor for Compromised Systems

  • Monitor More Systems in Less Time

  • Automated Blacklist Updating (Botnets, Phishing & Malware)

  • Active Virus Control

  • Two-Way Firewall with Intrusion Prevention

  • Vulnerability Management:
  • Antivirus Updates Checker  
  • Traffic Monitoring  
  • Firewall Policy Monitoring  
  • Software Vulnerability Monitoring  
  • Automated Patch Management  

  • Compliance Monitoring:
  • Unapproved Softwares  
  • Removable Drive Usage  
  • Password Protection Policies  
  • Theft Control  

  • User Management:
  • Online Status  
  • Application Usage  
  • User Location Tracking  
  • Track Logon History  

  • Asset Management Services:
  • Hardware Inventory  
  • Comprehensive Hardware Details  
  • Online Status  
  • Network Configurations  
  • Hardware Resource Usage  
  • Software Inventory  

  • Availability Monitoring:
  • Server Availability  
  • Server Capacity  
  • Service Monitoring  
  • Computer Capacity  
  • Peripheral Availability  
  • Network Errors  
  • Email & SMTP Monitoring  
  • Website and Domains  

  • ISKH 24x7 Escalation:
  • Email Notifications  

  • ISKH Reports:
  • Executive Summary Report  
  • Monthly Reports  
  • From Just
    £6.75 Per Month, Per Endpoint
    or Server

{{tab Plans & Prices |alias=sentinel5-for-endpoint-plans-and-prices|blue}}

NO Hidden Charges:

No one likes hidden charges, or even locating a required and suitable service, to be faced with Price on Application (POA) and other variations. That’s why IS Know How have a firm commitment; where our pricing is firstly transparent, that we do not believe in hidden fees and the price that you see, is indeed the price that you will be charged as per your chosen services payment structure.

  • ISKH Sentinel5 For Endpoint(s) & Server(s)
  • From Just £6.75

    Per Month, Per Device

  • Includes the following Managed Features;
  • ISKH 24x7x365 Security Operation Centre (SOC) Managed & Monitored
  • ISKH Security Monitoring Service
  • ISKH Vulnerability Management Service
  • ISKH Compliance Management Service
  • ISKH Asset Management Service
  • ISKH Availability Monitoring Service
  • Price Bands Based On Device Quantity
  • 1 Year: Quantity 1-5 = £8 each
    Quantities 6-9 = £7.75 each
    Quantities 10-24 = £7.63 each
    Quantities 25+ = £7.50 each
  • 2 Years: Quantity 1-5 = £7.88 each
    Quantities 6-9 = £7.63 each
    Quantities 10-24 = £7.38 each
    Quantities 25+ = £7.13 each
  • 3 Years: Quantity 1-5 = £7.75 each
    Quantities 6-9 = £7.38 each
    Quantities 10-24 = £7.13 each
    Quantities 25+ = £6.75 each