Why Is Cyber and Data Security Awareness Important for Your Charity, Social Enterprise or Micro-Business?

Elearning Awareness Education

There have been 'Many' surveys, studies and statistics built-up over the years, that show a consistently high percentage of data breaches are caused by the Human Effect. This most definitely includes a business or organisations personnel, whether paid or voluntary and no matter how junior or senior in your organisations personnel roles and positions, we all enable links to become incredibly weak.

Therefore there needs to be a stringent mentality within your organisation, that ALL levels of personnel need to be included, if you are to stand any chance to getting your whole personnel structure to the same level of 'Cyber and Data Security Awareness', across the board.

When we see that there are according to NCVO in their recent Almanac, 2017;

880,600 Employee's within the UK's Voluntary Sector ...

Source: NCVO - UK Civil Society Almanac 2017 / Workforce (2017) (External Link)

IS Know How will be working hard to evolve and deliver modern, relevant to the various threat types that your organisation is likely to encounter and that of your personnel; essentially E-Learning Awareness Solutions that we can collectively help to upskill the large numbers outlined above.

Is your Current Cyber Security Awareness Programme Effective?

Awareness Training is only one of several routes to a modern 'Defence in Depth' approach to your Third Sector or Micro-Business Organisations Cyber and Data Security posture or risk level(s).

We all have a responsibility and duty to counter the many risks to our businesses futures, including your Charity, Social Enterprise, Non-Profit or Micro-Business and that of our personnel, suppliers and various stakeholders.

ISKH are hoping that today is the day, where if you don't currently conduct much in the way of End-User Cyber / Data Security Awareness Training, you will positively see that the barriers you may have felt were a bridge too far in the past, are not so much the case any longer.

Together, we can Build a more Secure Third Sector, through increasing the Awareness and Knowledge of your people.

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You may also be interested to read the statistics that IS Know How have extrapolated from the ICO's Quarterly based Data Security Incident Trends and specifically for 'Charitable & Voluntary' that they provide for "Data security incidents (breaches of the seventh data protection principle and personal data breaches reported under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations)"


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