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'Responsible for Information' for SME'shm government identity

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Produced under HM Government for National Archives, they have produced an approximate 1-hour E-learning course for those responsible within UK SME's, whose role is directly or indirectly related to being Responsible for Information.

Therefore, IS Know How immediately felt that this would be a great and incredible resource, which would fit perfectly for UK Third Sector Organisations, where many personnel will be responsible for information and this is a great starting point for your organisation.

As you may be aware, ISKH have a mission to not 'Muddy the Water' if it's not necessary and this resource fits very nicely in to this ethos.

Find Out How This Course Can Help Mitigate Your Organisations Risks.

Everyone creates, uses and shares information. We need to know how to protect ourselves, our organisations and our customers from the risks associated with the misuse of this information.

'Responsible for Information' is a free resource aimed at staff in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). It helps employees and business owners to understand information security and the associated risks. You will learn how to identify information security threats, and how to minimise the associated risks in this resource.

National Archives 'Responsible for Information' Course Features:

  • Definition of Information and Information Security
  • Protecting and Sharing Information
  • Information in the Workplace
  • Working on the Move
  • Staying Safe On-line
  • Fraud

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Definition of Information and Information Security Protecting and Sharing Information Information in the Workplace
  • What is Information?
  • Information Security Definitions
  • The Importance of Information Security
  • Accessing Information
  • People, Processes and Technology
  • Types of Information at Work
  • Why Information is Critical to your Business
  • Where is Information Physically Located?
  • Logical Location of Information
  • Classifying Information
  • When Information is not Handled Carefully
  • Information and You
  • Its Important to Share
  • Consider the Outcomes
  • Share with Care
  • Think, Check, Share
  • Considering Security
  • What Went Wrong?
  • Summary
  • Risks in the Workplace
  • Cutting Corners
  • Consider the Outcomes
  • The Impact of an Information Loss
  • Opening the Door to Risk
  • Facing the Consequences
  • Summary
Working on the Move Staying Safe On-line Fraud
  • Working on the Move Works
  • Think Before you Leave
  • Different Places Mean Different Risks
  • Disclosing Sensitive Information
  • The Unfortunate Consequences
  • Working from Home
  • Summary
  • Things are Not Always as they Seem
  • Email Threats
  • A Dangerous Email
  • Consequences and Lessons
  • Top Web Tips
  • The Pros and Cons of Social Networking
  • Social Media Offers Positive Benefits to Business
  • Spot the Risks
  • A Tweeting Disaster
  • The Consequences
  • Summary
  • Failure to Disclose Information
  • Impacts of Fraud
  • Fraud Triangle
  • Spot a Fraudster
  • What to do If You Suspect Fraud?
  • Bribery Act
  • Summary

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This course will take approximately one hour to complete. Please be aware that you will need to download this resource, the file size is 56 Mb.

Please complete their feedback survey [External Link] to let them know what you thought of their course.

If you have any questions relating to this resource, please email: elearning [AT] nationalarchives [DOT] gov [DOT] uk [External Link].

Additional resources about information assurance and cyber security [External Link] are provided on their website.

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