Chief Technology Officer

    About Mitthiran Raman

    Mitthiran has 18 years of total experience in innovating Cyber Security Services, Solutions and Operations. Innovative, hands-on executive with a record of leading design and development of IT Security Solutions and Platforms, Managed Services, in addition to improving processes and procedures to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share.

    Results-oriented visionary with unique background in Security Analytics, Technology Development and Services, Software Engineering and Design. Expertise in Platform Development, Custom Solution, Systems Integration and Product Design. He has strong strategic and long-range planning abilities; skilled in setting product and technology strategies in B2C and B2B environments. Diverse background covers Cyber Security Analysis and Engineering, User Experience, Innovation, Security Operations, Quality Assurance, Customer Support and Marketing Functions.


    • Designed, built and implemented a Security Operation Centre (SOC) for Government Integrated Telecommunications Network (GITN) enabling them to provide Managed Security Services for Malaysian Government Ministries and Agencies (2007).
    • Designed, built and implemented a Global Response Centre’s Collaboration Portal (ESCAPE Platform) for an International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Threats (IMPACT) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU) to provide a system that allowed cyber security experts across different countries to pool their resources, share their expertise and remotely collaborate in a secure environment. This platform enabled IMPACT's Global Response Centre to act as a one-stop coordination and response centre for countries in times of crisis, enabling the swift identification and sharing of available resources (2008-2009).
    • Designed and implemented a Global Threat Early Warning System (EWS) for an International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Threats (IMPACT) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU). EWS is a platform of collaborative mash up of information from multiple early warning alliances and cyber security vendors. The aim was to get the appropriate information to the relevant authorities in a timely manner, enabling them to mitigate and effectively respond to the global cyber
      threats. Working with leading partners from academia, industry, and international bodies, EWS provides the global cyber security community with real time aggregated early warnings (2009).
    • Set up, designed, built and implemented a CIRTLite (Solution for Setting up Basic Computer Incident Response Team) for the United Nations lower-privileged countries in the world via International Multilateral Partnership Against Cyber-Threats (IMPACT) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU). A CIRT assists partner countries in preventing and handling cyber threats by acting as a single point of contact for reporting security incidents as well as providing a platform for information sharing. The CIRT enables monitoring of threats and trends that assist governments in the development of mitigation and response strategies to combat cyber threats (2009-2010).
    • Designed, built and implemented a Data Leakage Prevention System for Telekom Malaysia. o Profile – Telekom Malaysia is the second largest telecommunications provider in South Asia. o Problem – Loose data handling processes resulted in stolen data, bribery, and manipulated contracts. o Solution – Create a leak-proof office and data loss protection system. o Benefits – Monitor and control access to sensitive documents without requiring costly hardware.
    • Designed, built and implemented a Security Operation Centre (SOC) for Ministry of Defence of Saudi Arabia.

    In his latest role, as Chief Technology Officer in Thoughthive, Limited UK he has achieved the following;

    • Established 24x7 cyber threat surveillance, intelligence, forensic and incident response managed service on data, system and network of all customer of Thoughthive Limited, UK
    • Established capacity of team of security analyst on 12 hour shift schedule to monitor and respond to cyber threats incidents round-the-clock with the coordination between Tier-1 Team and Tier-2 Team
    • Structured and universalized the Managed Security Services or Outsourcing of Cyber Security Surveillance throughout customer’s businesses enabling coordinated response and early warnings
    • Developed and Implemented Threat Analyst Handbook, Playbook and Standard Operating Procedure to coordinate and synchronize all tasks and efforts of Cyber Threat Watch Centre’s team members establishing orchestration of responsibilities and ecosystem of roles.
    • Developed and implemented reporting on SLA, Threat Landscape & Cyber Intel for Thoughthive Managed Cyber Resilience Services on a monthly basis to give insights to all business units on the key risk indicators and impact in parallel to global cyber threat landscape.
    • Developed and Implemented Watch Centre framework to be complied with the international body (FIRST) Forum for Incident Response and Security Teams. In an event of cyber threat that needs coordination beyond the borders of customer defenses, enabling Thoughthive Watch Centre to engage incident response effort from multiple SOC around the world to orchestrate defenses.
    • Design, Review and Evolve Thoughthive Watch Centre Use Cases lifecycle as Use Cases are lifeline for the Centre’s continuous surveillance and its ability to keeping abreast with threat landscape. With that all these use cases needs to be maintained and serviced to gauge its effectiveness in monitoring cyber threats.
    • Study day-to-day operations and its ways to optimize and automate using auxiliary system or add-ons to existing system. Recommend, evaluate and decide system to facilitate, automate and optimized Thoughthive Watch Centre operations. 

    Key Contributions: 

    • Built Thoughthive Watch Centre as a startup from scratch
    • Architected, Developed and Implemented Incident Management System that is being operated as Analyst dashboard and case management system
    • In the midst of developing Thoughthive Watch Centre as Autonomous Operation Centre using Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
    • Implemented analysis guides, process and procedure to adhere to international standards
    • Established Thoughthive Watch Centre as Intelligence Monitoring Center for customers to have surveillance on Global Threats