Chief Business Dev Officer

About Jonathan Beadon

Jon is a successful businessman with over 30 years experience at Director level in the Maritime Industry.  During his career, he has had extensive involvement in the Middle East, the Far East and the UK Markets, having had responsibility for Sales and Marketing in three of the UK’s major Defence Companies.  Jon is well versed in producing and implementing sales strategies.  He is a strong, compelling negotiator with an eye for closing even the most complex of deals and generating long-term revenues.  He is also a dedicated networker with a huge list of friends and business contacts around the world.

From modest beginnings in 1970, as a junior Commercial Assistant with the UK Ship Builders, Vosper Thornycroft (now the VT Group), Jon rose quickly.  Within 6 years he had become a successful Commercial Manager with the company, having responsibility for ship machinery contracts world-wide.  He was then promoted to Marketing Manager in the same division before stepping up in 1984 to become the Ship Sales Manager for the Far East and most of the Middle East.  He was promoted from there in 1986 to become the Director of VT Group’s Hydraulic Division.  He remained there for 5 years, increasing turnover and profit by orders of magnitude.

In 1992 Jon became the Managing Director of VT Joint Venture Company, Seawork Ltd.  It was here that he really came into his own.  During his 5 year tenure, Jon increased the annual profits from a few thousand pounds to over £7 Million, growing the business from just over 100 employees to more than 2000.

Following on from this success, Jon moved on again to become VT’s Ship Sales Director. He set up local in-country offices in Oman, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and Thailand.  His efforts, and those of his small team, resulted in significant ship sales, both military and civil.  Jon personally brokered the sale of the world’s largest sailing sloop to a customer in the United States of America.

In 2002, VT and BAE Systems formed a Joint Venture called Flagship Training Ltd.  This organisation provided not only the major elements of the Royal Navy’s shore based training, but also marketed the same facilities and training, to the same standards as the RN, to friendly overseas Navies around the world.  Jon became the first Export Sales Director for the new organisation.  Two years later, BAE Systems set up a new Ship Building Industry, led by Vic Emery.  Jon was invited by Vic to join the Board as the Sales Director and Jon served there until leaving in 2009 to pursue his own business interests around the world.

In June 2013 Jon set up Thoughthive Ltd a company supplying Cyber Security as a Service and as Owner, Director has the position of CEO.