CEO & Founder of IS Know How.

About Robert Stones

Rob is a highly motivated and committed professional, who has gained tremendous expertise in recent years within the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT), through self-directed and more recently academic learning, which has vastly increased Robert's knowledge and passion for all things Digital. In 2014 he gained a Foundation Degree in ICT after a 24-year break from traditional education, culminating in the completion of his final year of a BSc Information Security (Hons) Degree in 2016.

A responsible hardworking individual, who during his recent aforementioned degree, carried out a Dissertation Project and subsequent Research titled: 'How Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information'

From this point forward, he knew that it would be totally remiss to ignore the position that the sector is in at present and likely for sometime, where there is a multitude of challenges that Charities, Social Enterprises and Micro-Businesses face in the future regarding Information, Data, and Cyber Security.

Soon after leaving High School in the early 1990's, he decided to embark on the big wide world, choosing to live away from the family home and in turn carrying out various Customer Serviced focused job roles. Attempting to be as self-supporting and sufficient as possible, whilst of course experiencing a number of scenarios and bumps along the way that of course brought mistakes, but with opportunities to learn and shape what he could offer to the world.

Rob is happy to disclose that he spent his latter teenage years coming to terms with 3 health challenges that totally altered his life course. However, over the course of time, he developed his own ways of coping and solving the many problems caused by his illnesses each and every day. He believes that these challenges, whilst with him for life, have hugely contributed to his positive approach to life since, including his analytical nature, empathy for other people and passion for detail, that can always be put to good use in all walks of life.

It is for this reason, having accessed a number of Charitable Organisation's himself over the years, where knowing the great and good that most do up, down and across our country, that spurs him on to do wonderful things for the future in the sector, where Managed Cyber Security for Charities, Social Enterprises and Micro-Businesses are concerned.