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Many citizens know just how valued Charities are up and down the country, largely carrying out an immense amount of 'Community & Societal' good, including been a lifeline to so many persons. Their roles in our society cannot and should not be underestimated, as they are pivotal to keeping our communities as cohesive as is possible - a role once reserved for Government.

Between 2014/16, I, Robert Stones the IS Know How CEO & Founder, undertook a bachelors degree in Information Security, where I carried out a project and survey: 'How Well Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information'. You could say that my eyes were truly opened but it's not hard to see why they were opened so widely, when you consider that all the facts of the Third Sector and such a beast as Data & Cyber Security, where mixing the two is currently very often a painful experience and will likely be for some considerable time to come.

Cyber Security, Data Security, Data Protection, Cyber Essentials, GDPR, Ransomware, Data Breaches, Regulatory Fines, Reputational Damage' are all somewhat scary subject matters to most in the Third Sector. It's fine to feel a high level of trepidation, in these aspects of our collective 'Digital Existence' but you need to be honest and true to yourself, your organisation and that of the data subjects that you hold or maintain data of.

Therefore, it is down to IS Know How to empathise, understand and deliver what the sector needs overall but we cannot sugar coat any aspect of Data and Cyber Security, to spare complete feelings of the sector and all those within it.

by Robert Stones, 2017

So, as you can gather there is a whole new headache for all Third Sector organisations, regardless of size, income or expenditures band and all who likely just have the desire to offer guidance to their communities; through forms of engagement, services, or products to as many of their stakeholders as possible. This is normally carried out via the plethora of internal / external digital infrastructure, channels and platforms, where let's not forget our trusty ole pal just yet though, the wonderfully uncomplicated pen and pad, although this can cause many data breach headaches too in itself if not careful.

We Don't Muddy the Water

ISKH believes in not muddying the water unnecessarily, just to put our own stamp of authority on everything that we offer, due in a big way to this often tending to over complicate the original concerns or issues, which for the Third Sector would be further counter productive.

Already partnering with some very influential and specific subject matter and services experts in their own right, IS Know How will always source the very best of breed, enterprise grade Data & Cyber Security knowledge or services, delivering this and more to our clients.

IS Know How fully appreciate the various true needs of all UK Registered Charities, Social-Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organisations, to make the very best use of and to extend their available expenditure as far as possible, as often as possible. We have a shared duty, both in industry, the sector but even as far afield as society, to get to true grips with data and cyber security, or often as is the case at present and the lack of.

This is exactly why IS Know How was created, not just with these constraints in mind but just as importantly; believing that the sector should widely have access to the very same 'Managed Cyber Security Services', as is available throughout the private sector, large corporations and government. IS Know How offer and deliver this ability at its core.

We firmly believe in what we are creating, for what reasons and how we aim to achieve our goal to 'Source & Deliver Proactive, Affordable Enterprise Grade '24/7 Managed Cyber Resilience & Associated Services' to Third Sector Organisations.' via our End-to-End Platform.

Therefore, we very effectively, afford your organisations current and future Cyber & Data Security needs, making it a truly feasible and manageable reality today, that enables you to begin mitigating the many risks to your data and reputation, by taking cyber security for charities seriously.

Thank you for taking the time to read our introduction, we look forward to working with your Third Sector Organisation and if there is anything else at all that you would like to enquire about, please Call Us on: 02921-679-021 or open a Support Ticket 24x7x365 and we will respond as soon as possible. 

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