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Blog Background

The IS Know How Blog, is geared to become an incredibly useful source of interesting and thought provoking information; including resources, latest relevant news and more. The aim is to in association with IS Know How, share the vast array of content by relevant Professionals and Thought Leaders in their respective field(s) who have a passion for writing and work in Information Security and / or Third Sector Organisations.

Our content is specifically focused on all aspects of Cyber and Data Security, whether that be Cyber Security Education; Endpoint, Server and Website Threat Mitigation. Also including Data Protection Act, Cyber Essentials or Cyber Liability Insurance, Big Data Analysis, Security Operation Centre's and the list could go on.

Our blog is now open to experienced guest-contributors, in an effort to drive understanding, knowledge sharing and ultimately engagement in this growing sector, which will enable being able to finally merge 'Cyber / Data Security' and 'Charities, Social Enterprises and Third Sector'. A mutually beneficial platform to share your knowledge and expertise with IS Know How readers, who REALLY do need quality and latest talking points.

Contributor's Requirements

For your article to be considered for publication in the IS Know How Team Blog, we ask that you read these guidelines to ensure that your post / article gets approved.

  • Article Quality: Articles should be a minimum of 500 words and should cover your chosen topic in detail. Incomplete details are of no real use to the readership, nor your own written reputation.
    IS Know How weighs article quality highly, as to whether to accept an individuals guest    post(s), it's nothing personal.
    It must be topical and essentially contain a good mix between Cyber / Data Security AND Charities, Social Enterprises or Third Sector as a whole.
    Whilst being well-written, informative and exclusive - please do be mindful of any    overuse of technological jargon and terms. IS Know How is bred on trying to break    down these barriers and increase the ease of understanding for our target audience.
  • Images, Videos and Screenshots: You have heard that images speak a thousand words and of course video media certainly does, IS Know How's Blog is no different in this area.
    Please do add a healthy balance of images to support your articles aim, but do NOT just add them to fill the articles whitespace.
    Consider uploading explanatory step by step screenshots, if you are writing something that maybe diagram or walkthrough based.
    If you prefer to video blog, you can submit your video to IS Know How’s Official Youtube channel. Simply create your video, then use IS Know How's 'Contact Us - Guest Blogging Enquiries' page, submitting your video(s) to us in this way for consideration.
  • Copyright: IS Know How in noway support infringement of other person(s) work, any flouting of this will deliver an instant ban to the contributor.
    All external sources that are used to support your article, MUST BE referenced to the respective owner of the content throughout to avoid plagiarism and copyright, i.e.    below each item used.
    When you submit a post to the IS Know How Team Blog, you are effectively passing  copyright ownership of the post to IS Know How and this will help us to deal with any related issues in the copyright area.
  • Etiquette: Your articles content and your views or opinions about your chosen subject, with each and every submission, MUST NOT be defamatory in nature whatsoever, to the target of your article.
  • Self-promotion: Whilst we are not seeking guest-contributors to publish articles for self-promotion of your own products and services; we are however happy to link to your own blog or website, in a short author bio at the bottom of the submitted article.
  • Readerships Comments: Comments are where IS Know How readers of your published article can communication with you, this should always be seen as a positive aspect. Please do not be afraid to engage with people who comment but in the event that you experience something that you feel is unwarranted by any readers, contact IS Know How in the first instance.
  • Moderation: Your article may require refinement from time to time. Therefore, we will get in touch with you to notify you of our desired changes. You will always be able to discuss topic ideas with us, before submitting the main content by getting in touch via IS Know How's 'Contact Us - Guest Blogging Enquiries' page.

Please do remember that prior to submitting your article, you should carry out a search in the ISKH Blog, to make sure that you won't be submitting already published ideas, thoughts and knowledge from other contributor's.

So, How can you become an IS Know How blog contributor?

If you still see the real benefit of becoming involved and contributing your experience, knowledge and thoughts to such a 'Feel Good' area of Third Sector Cyber Security and it's readers;

Please navigate to IS Know How's Contact Us page, fill out the form with your Email and Name, by selecting the '

Guest Media Enquiries

  • folder IS Know How - Guest Blog Contribution

    Guest - Blogging Related Enquiries Support

Once in this support category, you will be able to submit your relevant enquiry, including brief outline description, of the type of article that you would like to submit for consideration. Once submitted, we will endeavour to get back to you just as soon as is possible.

Please Note:

Irrelevant proposals that do not meet the above requirements, may not be responded to.

Upon acceptance of your requested article to write for the ISKH Blog, we will liaise with you directly to setup your own ISKH Blog Contributor Account. This will then enable you to login and create article content much more freely, whilst still adhering to our codes of conduct which goes without saying.

We look forward to welcoming you to our platform and aiding IS Know How's desire and goal, to engage and inform the UK's Third Sector regarding Cyber and Data Security, with everything in between.

Best Regards,

The IS Know How Blog Team