An overview about IS Know How's 'Managed Cyber Security for Charities, Social Enterprises and Micro-Businesses' journey, including the Leadership Team introductions, with each person's short Bio.

IS Know How began as Robert Stones' University of South Wales Dissertation whilst studying for his BSc Information Security degree, where he chose a project based around 'How Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information' in effect, Cyber Security for Charities, Social Enterprises and Not-for-Profits.

It quickly became clear through initial and then subsequent research, that there was a worrying Third Sector Cyber Security Risk increase in UK. It would seem at first glance that too many organisations lack the knowledge, ability and / or financing to secure their data and protect themselves to the best of their ability.

Not only the above, but after plenty of research there was also found to be an extreme lack of relevant, consistent data and knowledge into this sector, or exactly how it is handling the risks of Cyber Security including associated Data Breaches to present date.

Therefore, Robert Stones felt compelled to begin designing, developing and creating an in-depth survey; a set of various but very pertinent questions to put to those in the sector and to ultimately deliver the first public domain in-depth and immensely relevant UK Third Sector survey results, revolving around Cyber Security & Data Breaches.

Utilising the 'How Prepared is the Third Sector to Secure their Information' survey results and positioning IS Know How to be able to provide the products, services, resources and advice that the sector truly requires.

Expanding with what we believe is the first step for any Third Sector organisation; increasing your Management, Staff & Volunteers baseline knowledge of Information (Cyber) Security by locating already externally produced but perfectly relevant resources, such as the National Archive's Responsible for Information for SME's PowerPoint Training Course.

ISKH doesn't believe in unnecessarily muddying the water, just to put our own authority on everything we offer, due to this often tending to just over complicate the original concerns or issues, which for the Third Sector would just be counter productive.

Already partnering with some very influential and specific subject matter experts in their own right, IS Know How will consistently source the very best, Best of Breed Enterprise Grade Managed Cyber Security for Charities and include a wealth of supportive knowledge and guidance, delivering this and more to our clients.

In the meantime, the first resource we would like to point you to, is the What are the Risks? page. It will hopefully be thought provoking viewing and help you see that there's a huge growing problem that the UK's Third Sector is far from immunity. Do remember, it would be great to tell you that it's all a bad dream and that you aren't at risk but it is a case of when a data breach or cyber security event will happen to your organisation... not if!

Cost Effective Mitigation:

Our Third Sector 'Managed Cyber Resilience Services' and associated products offer Enterprise-Grade Mitigation for a fraction of the cost, compared to the cost of an equivalent internal solution.

Access To Proven Expertise:

We provide you with immediate and easy access, to certified, highly skilled personnel to negate complex security breaches.

Access To Best-of-Breed Solutions:

Our Services are run and managed from a world-class Security Operations Centre (SOC), allowing your Third Sector Organisation to further mitigate your IT and Data Infrastructure.

Real-Time Monitoring of IT Infrastructure:

Our robust real-time monitoring services, encompass physical and cyber security, keeping a close watch on the security of your organisation and affording you the peace of mind, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best.

Proactive Approach to Countering Threats:

Our intelligent processing and real-time correlation technology, anticipates emerging threats while round the clock monitoring, ensures a timely response to alerts and their rapid resolution. This reduces the risk of failure for your mission critical systems.

Our Mission
Is to Source & Deliver Best of Breed, Enterprise Grade 'Managed Cyber Resilience & Associated Services' to Third Sector Organisations via an End-to-End Platform. Mitigating Your Reputational Risks!


IS Know How has assembled a Leadership Management team, with an incredible depth of previous business experience, knowledge, vision and where we all work incredibly well together and for the right moral reasons. The Leadership Team are incredibly honoured and proud to be in the position to do what we do.

We all have our key strengths and collectively, it is our goal to serve the Third Sector; with the best knowledge sharing experience(s) possible and delivering a consistently relevant Best-of-Breed Enterprise Grade product portfolio, at the most affordable price possible, where Managed Cyber and Data Security is concerned.

It's taken just short of 2 years for the team to truly understand and appreciate the sector, where Data & Cyber Security is concerned. Now we firmly believe, that we have a modern and fitting platform, for a set of very modern problems, whilst being mindful in always respecting the unique challenges that Third Sector Organisations often experience.

IS Know How affords you the ability to vastly increase the Mitigation requirements of your organisation and to support you with the present and future threats and risks that will lie ahead.
Robert Stones
Rob gained a Foundation Degree in ICT in 2014, after a 24-year break from traditional education, culminating in the completion of his final year of a BSc Information Security (Hons) Degree in 2016.
Learn More about Rob here...
Robert StonesCEO & Founder
Jonathan Beadon
Jon is a successful businessman with over 30 years experience at Director level in the Maritime Industry. During his career, he has had extensive involvement in the Middle East, the Far East and the UK Markets, having had responsibility for Sales and Marketing in three of the UK’s major Defence Companies.
Learn More about Jon here...
Jonathan BeadonChief Business Dev Officer
Vic Emery (OBE)
Vic Emery is a highly experienced Public Body Chair, Non-Executive Director and Senior Company Business Leader. He has a strong background in overseeing and managing large complex organisations, major project implementation and business transformation within domestic and global spheres.
Learn More about Vic here...
Vic Emery (OBE)Chief Operating Officer
Mitthiran Raman
Mitthiran has 18 years of total experience in innovating Cyber Security Services, Solutions and Operations. Innovative, hands-on executive with a record of leading design and development of IT Security Solutions and Platforms, Managed Services, in addition to improving processes and procedures to drive revenue, efficiency, and market share.
Learn More about Mitthiran here...
Mitthiran RamanChief Technology Officer


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