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data breaches are a state of mind icon min  'Data Breaches are a State of Mind!'  data breaches are a state of mind1 icon min


Gwent Police is being investigated after allegedly failing to inform hundreds of people, that hackers may have accessed their confidential reports to the force. Sky News has learned that up to 450 people who filed reports through an online tool over a two-year period could have been put at risk by hackers due to security flaws. Although the to...
# Charity # SocialEnterprise # NonProfits who utilise the Accessibility app # BrowseAloud will want to contact their web developers as soon as possible, upon reading this article and to make sure that they're up to speed in mitigating this attack where necessary. We th ink that it's safe to say, this especially won't please the ...
It ca me to light last week, that the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) suffered an attack on its website, specifically it's Online Store, which was breached on the 16th Nove mber, 2017. Up to 817 customers of the charity, which sells Assistive Products to persons who suffer Visual Impairment could have been affected, with "Fi...
IS Know How has been proudly involved this week, 4th - 10th December 2017, in supporting a terrific 'Great & Good of National Charities Awareness' ca mpaign called UKCharityWeek  and run by Charity Today , as a 'Corporate Friend'. To coincide with the end of such a great event, ISKH is offering a winter warmer 33% discount ,...
Many citizens know just how valued Charities are up and down the country, largely carrying out an immense amount of 'Community & Societal' good, including been a lifeline to so many persons. Their roles in our society cannot and should not be underestimated, as they are pivotal to keeping our communities as cohesive as is possible - a...
So, you have likely heard about Cyber Security and you have heard of the term Managed Cyber Security, right? Oh, OK maybe you haven't heard or unlikely know much at all about the latter. Well, it's hard to get away from the headlines but this doesn't help the majority of society to know enough, so they can better mitigate against the many nega...

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